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Group Yoga Schedule

Effective September 1st, we will no longer be offering group yoga classes.  

Private Yoga Sessions and Specialized Workshops, , Ayurveda, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Float Therapy will continue to be offered by appointment,  as always.

Yoga Classes & Pricing

Private / Small Groups Yoga

• 1 Person, 1 Hour: $75.00
• Groups Up To (4) People: $115.00
• Schedule For 1-2 Hours
• Larger group sessions available

Group Classes

• Drop-Ins: $18.00 Per Class
• 5 Class Pass: $80.00
• 10 Class Pass: $150.00
• 10 Class Pass Students: $100.00


10 % discount on class passes for Seniors, First Responders, Military and School Teachers

Meditation / Breath Training

• 1 Person, 1 Hour: $75.00
• Groups Up To (4) People: $115.00
• Schedule For 1-2 Hours
• Larger group sessions available

Beginner Yoga

An introduction to the practice of yoga. Learn the fundamentals of the sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, twists and beginning inversions and back bending. Work slowly through the basic postures to progressively build the strength necessary to progress in practice. Breath work is introduced and explored as students begin to link movement to breath. Nurturing environment to help you to gain strength and confidence, balance and relaxation. Excellent for the beginner or anyone seeking a refresher on the basics

of yogic alignment and movement.

Gentle Beginner

Chair Yoga

This class is perfect for those looking for a gentle introduction to yoga, as well as those recovering from injury, those new to yoga, people working to increase joint mobility and those working with physical limitations. Postures will be explored using props and the rope wall with modifications provided to make the postures accessible. Chairs are available for those who are not comfortable sitting on the ground.

Intermediate Yoga

(Assumes comfort with the sun salutations and basic yoga postures). Less time talking and more time moving. For students who want to continue to take their practice to the next level.


A challenging and strength building class further developing the standing and seated poses, and adding arm balances, inversions and more advanced backbends. Further development of the standing and seated poses.

28 & 28

(28 postures, 28 breath pranayama (guided breathing). No down dogs, no chaturangas, no fancy postures. 28 classic yoga postures that move, stretch and strengthen all of the major joints and muscle groups in the body, held for 5-10 breaths. This practice includes standing and balancing, seated and back strengthening postures synergistically entwined to guide the body into release and balance. 28 breaths—pranayama (guided breathing exercise) to combat stress and relax the body and mind. Practice begins with this breath, to relax and focus and closes your practice to help the body and mind integrate your work. (All levels. Beginners welcome. No experience necessary.)

Ashtanga Mix

Ashtanga Mix combines breath and movement in a specific way designed to create internal heat and purifying sweat. Students are guided together through a breath balanced sequence of classic yoga postures emphasizing holding and proper alignment. Classes all begin with sun salutations, followed by standing and seated postures with forward bending, back bending and twists, or a combination of all, and end with a closing sequence, followed by shavasana.

Though Ashtanga is not an advanced practice, it is physically challenging. These classes are suitable for all levels as all postures will offer options and modifications. Perfect for students in search of a classic practice with a more physical challenge.

Yoga For Men

Yoga for Men only, taught by a man. Adjust, moan, groan and complain without worrying about offending the women in the class. Revel in your tight shoulders and inflexible hamstrings.


Did you hurt your back the last time you sneezed? Get on a mat and strengthen it!


This beginner practice for men will explore and work through the “issues in the tissues”, common to male bodies. No fancy clothes, we have the mats. No excuses allowed.

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