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Private Offerings and Retreats

Do you want to take your practice deeper?  Curious about Ayurveda?

Need a Mind/Body Reset?


Private Yoga and Ayurveda Training

Six Personalized Sessions

Just for You and All About You

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences.  Used together in simple ways, they can create profound shifts, in body, mind and spirit.  According to Ayurveda, each individual has a constitution that is unique to us—governed by our physical and emotional make-up and our lifestyle—the foods we eat, the way we live daily lives, the way we shift from season to season.  These constitutions are called doshas.

Join Debra for a unique set of private Yoga and Ayurveda sessions, which will meld together basic Ayurveda lifestyle training with yoga designed for your unique Ayurvedic body type and your specific needs. Learn simple breathing and basic meditation to help soothe body and mind. Learn seasonal Ayurvedic food choices and simple healthful ways to nourish your body deeply. 

Students will be provided with appropriate educational handouts, recipes and reading recommendations. Would you like to share this experience with a small group of friends or family?  Group options and scheduling available!  


6          2 hour sessions                                $675

 (You may take up to 12 weeks to complete these classes)

Guided Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse  (optional)     $175  (Does not include food or herbal supplements)

Did Someone Say Retreat?????

Did you know we are currently available for Private Retreats?  

3-5 Days in your home, or in our beautiful retreat base on Kent Island, with your friends and family.  Coming to Kent Island for vacation and need an extra special getaway?  

Private Yoga, Healthful Cooking and Juicing, and Ayurveda.  All just for you!

Curious?  410-991-0578

More Info coming soon about organized group retreats--We can't wait!!!

Stay Tuned for More!

Did you know we are available for Private Retreats?  

3-5 Days in your home, with your friends.  Or use our facility.

Yoga, Wellness, Cooking, Ayurveda.  All just for you!

Curious?  410-991-0578


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Let's Work Together

Want to take your practice deeper?  Interested in specific wellness topics?  Join us for a workshop or retreat!

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